Plant-based Journey update

Plant-based Journey update


It’s been about 7 months since I have posted about my plant based journey or even shared any recipes, so here is a quick update. In the beginning of the year, my family and I started traveling across the country. My boyfriend, Aaron, is a big rig truck driver and we traveled with him as a family. We were on the road for about 5 months (spending two week driving and 1 week home). It was an amazing experience! But hard on our eating… After being vegan for 5 months previously, being on the road made that very difficult to maintain. Although we did not introduce chicken, beef, pork and other meat back into our diet, we did start to consume dairy and sometimes fish, again.

Being in the truck made preparing meals a lot more complicated. I only had use of a small pot and pan that plugged into a USB type socket. We also had limited space to store food in the mini fridge, so grocery shopping could not have too many perishables. What we noticed, very quickly, is that there are not many healthy eating options when you are traveling. Especially trucker routes. Because we were following a trucker route, the places that were available were limited. The truck stops only carried fast food and junk. There were little grocery stores near any of the truck routes. The only store that happened to be consistently there, no matter where we ended up, was Walmart. Not my favorite shopping places for produce. Most of the time, if there was no Walmart, there was no where to buy fresh produce! We prepared our food the best way we could, if we could. We also came across a few bumps in the road like snow blizzards, freeway shut down, or just running out of driving time in the truck. Those times forced us to move backwards in our progression towards a healthier lifestyle. Food preparation was not possible and fast food like cheese pizza, fries, and cheese quesadillas, became the only options of food to eat.

Now, we have been back home for almost two months and the struggle to get back on track has been difficult. I love cheese! I makes pretty much everything taste great! I’m also not a fan of the vegan cheese alternatives, and eating cheese again was a guilty pleasure of mine. (Although, me being a person with really bad allergies, I did noticed a difference in mucus build up when I started eating cheese again.) I noticed that since I’ve been back home, I have brought back some old “new” habits. My motivation to stay health has become more of a burden. I literally had to re-visit my reasons for wanting a healthier lifestyle. My son being the most important one.

Well, my little self pep talk gave me enough motivation to try this again, and again, and again, if I have to! I definitely haven’t mastered this “healthier lifestyle” thing, but tis is my journey.  Plus, I have tons of things I want to share about my experience including recipes for juices, detoxes/cleanses, teas and more.


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