Our family is growing!!

Our family is growing!!


April 2019, our family is going to have a new member! Aaron and I are super excited about our new addition. So is is little Arah! He keeps telling everyone “I’m going to be a big brother!” I am 12 weeks along with this pregnancy, and the morning sickness is so much worse than my first pregnancy. With Arah, I got sick (nausea and vomiting) and I had really bad loss of appetite. I was only able to really take down fruit smoothies and fresh fruit without vomiting. That continued until I was about 24 weeks. The doctors were a little concerned about my weight gain, but then my appetite came back and everything was good. It’s crazy that I feel worse than that… Even though I have had no vomiting or loss of appetite, the nausea seems to almost never go away. It’s still early, so maybe it will subside as well.

Arah is excited and confused at the same time! He knows he has a sibling coming but has no idea what we mean by that. I’m not showing yet, so when I told him ” the baby is mommy’s belly,” he looked at me with confusion and said “get it out!” Anyways we are all excited and I will make another post about my 2nd pregnancy journey soon!


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