My name is Rashe’ (Ra-shay). I am the mother of a two handsome boys, Arah and Ahnest. Becoming parents has changed the lives of my spouse, Aaron, and myself dramatically! For the better of course. Since this life changing event, we have been more determined than ever to make sure we teach them everything we can to prepare them for adulthood. We decided to practice changing our eating habits, so that we can teach him how to properly nourish their bodies. After 8 months being pescatarian/vegetarian, we have reached where we are today, transitioning into a plant- based lifestyle!

I was never a fan of cooking growing up. I was the least likely to help my Mom in the kitchen between me and my two sisters . I also knew very few recipes when my first son was born. For the past few years, I have collected a few that I now enjoy making. I am not a chef… I am just a regular Mom trying to prepare decent healthy meals for my family.

So far, our choice to choice to change our eating habits has been great! We eat great! We feel great! My blog is about our journey into a plant-based lifestyle, and to encourage and share advice with others who are also trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle for their families as well. In my blog, I will be sharing plant-based recipes, herbal remedies, reviews and more!